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Nature Therapy (Shinrin Yoku) - 1 on 1

Outdoors In Nature

Shinrin meaning "forest" and Yoku meaning "bath" in Japanese is a Japanese practice known (scientifically) to reduce stress levels, help us think more clearly, restore vitality and bridge the gap between us and the natural world. 

We will allow nature enter through our ears, eyes, nose, mouth (when possible), hands and feet.

Studies also show that people who spend regular, mindful time, unplugged in forests have lower heart rates, lower cortisol levels (stress hormone), lower blood pressure and higher parasympathetic nerve activity. Overall improving our physical and mental quality of life.

Please keep in mind, like all other therapies, Nature therapy is not a "one session, fix all" approach. Nature therapy also takes time for each person to process and understand BUT I can tell you from personal experience that you can certainly get a glimpse of its life enhancing benefits after the very first session!

This 1 on 1 option is ideal for those who want the freedom to schedule their walks according to their availability.

Forest Path

Intro to Shinrin Yoku - Small Group

Outdoors in Nature - Next Group Session is December 11th @ 11am in Yosemite National Park, CA

Awaken and align with this power hour of Nature Therapy/Shinrin Yoku introductory experience!
We will meet at beautiful Yosemite National Park where we will then drop into our Nature Therapy (Shinrin Yoku) intro session.
I will explain what Shinrin Yoku is, where and when it originated, the benefits of forest bathing and how to do it (and NOT do it). Then, I will guide you through a couple of therapeutic mindfulness practices before setting you free to embark on your own experience of "Forest Bathing" for a set amount of time before bringing us all back together to share what we each encountered within and without while connecting with nature, sharing is optional. a light snack will be provided at this time. I'm vegan, so the snacks will be vegan. 

Each participant will also be given a "Shinrin Yoku in a bottle" essential oil blend as a keepsake, to bring the experience and benefits home with you, long after our time together has ended. Use topically for a soothing self massage, diffuse it in your home, or put on your reflex points. 

Intro to Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) Informative Mini Class
Shinrin Yoku (Forest Therapy) Session
A Full Sized Dropper Bottle of "Shinrin Yoku in a Bottle" Essential Oil Blend
Vegan Snacks

* This event is for people 12 and older. Parent signature required for minors.
* Do not embark on ANY new physical activity before consulting your physician first.
* Water NOT included, please bring your own hydration. I will be providing light snacks such as trail mix and fruit.
* Bring a towel, blanket or exercise mat to sit on for the "mini class" portion of the session
* You will be emailed the exact meeting point after signing up.
* Entrance into the park is not included. This can be purchased at the park entrance gate.

Image by Aaron Burden

Weekly Women's Group (7 Weeks)

Begins Monday November 1st 2021 - No Charge (FREE)

This one will be a little different than my last bible study. 
This time, we will reading through "Sacred Tears" by Lindsey Wheeler (2 chapters per week) together and discussing how the Holy Spirit nudged our spirits in those chapters, what is going on in our lives and sharing scriptures that come to mind to encourage and love each other. We will discovering how to pray for each other, connect with each other and support each other in a safe space. 

The details:
*Bring your bible, your phone (for a bible app) and your book.
*Meeting at my house in Merced from 6:30pm - 7:30pm on (Nov. 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th, & Dec. 6th, 13th & 27th)
*Complimentary tea, cacao, turmeric lattes or water will be provided. The first Monday of each month I will also prepare a yummy dessert to share from my Central valley Vegan menu!


Fitness Bootcamp

In person, outdoors in Merced - Donation Based

Let's move, let's sweat, let's connect, let's get healthy! Let's build healthy habits TOGETHER! 

Donation based class. Give a little, give a lot, give nothing. It doesn't matter, just come! Bring your own exercise mat. 

This is a FUN group of ladies, you don't want to miss this. 


* Women Only Class *
* You will be given the address AFTER signing up * 
* Donations accepted via venmo prior to class * 
* We meet at 9:30am on Monday's *

Core Exercise

Cardio, Core & Calm

Weekly Group Class Via Zoom - The next 5 week session is in December

You will SWEAT out toxins, show you heart some love by getting your HEART RATE UP, and build core STRENGTH while you develop your abdominal muscles (ABS!!!) to help PROTECT & SUPPORT your back. Then wrap it all up with some SOOTHING deep stretching & CALMING breath work.

This class is designed to fit in A LOT, in a short amount of time. 

Join me from the comfort of your own home, on Wednesday mornings at 6:30am for this sweaty, 40 minute workout and be done just in time to get ready for work at 7:10am! 

Come as you are! I guarantee I will show up a hot mess express every single time! Hair up, makeup less and real as real can be. There is honestly no need to “get ready” for this sweaty workout.💪🏼

Next round of sessions starts Wednesday December 1st. 

Fast Facts:
The full month price is $50/month, paid up front. No money back for missed classes.
Email me for the link to sign up. hilda@theholistichilda.com
Dates are Dec 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th
You will need - water, a hand towel, exercise mat, ankle weights & exercise bands.


Self Care Saturday's

75 to 90 minute in person (outdoors) sessions in Merced at 9am

Allow me to take you on a journey into your own mind & body through deep stretching & mindful breath work; utilizing a few helpful props and personalized guidance every step of the way. Enjoy this nurturing experience all in a soothing outdoor setting.

Who is this class for?
* Those who desire to feel deeply relaxed, grounded & peaceful.
* Those who desire to become more flexible & mobile.

* Those who would like to release physical tension and mental/emotional anxiety, 

* Those who would like to Boost circulation.
* Those who desire to push beyond their mental limits and do deep work in their bodies, using professional instruction and guided breath work.

* Those who desire to tap into their parasympathetic nervous system.
* Those who want to practice a little weekly self love. Like SUPER self love!
* Those who want to be pampered & are not afraid of being touched. Aromatherapy scalp, neck, and forehead massage are offered at the end of each class.

What to bring:
* An exercise mat 
* A bolster, strap, blanket & sandbag. I have a couple of extra sets for rent on a first come basis. These are for $7 per set.
* Water for post session

* Class size limit is 3 students MAX. 
* Reserve your spot via email at hilda@theholistichilda.com. Please send me your Venmo information in this reservation email. 
* Investment is $15 per class / per person.

* Upcoming dates - October 30th, December 4th & December 18th 2022


Central Valley Vegan

Orders available for pick up every other week begining in September

Central Valley Vegan (& Gluten Free)

Let me help you feed the guests for your next get together, spoil yourself with guilt free sweet & savory treats which are as also densely nutritious or just take the work off your hands for a lazy day at home of binge watching your favorite shows while also wanting to keep your grazing food options clean! I make healthy AND delicious vegan/gluten free goodies, loaded with some of the most powerful nutrients on the planet all while keeping sustainability at the forefront of my mind. Try my tortillas or desserts for your next dinner party, my boards for your family movie snacks or get-togethers or place an order just because you're curious!


🌱Baked chocolate donuts with citrus berry glaze

🌱Adaptogenic dark chocolates - Your choice of plain, baruka nut, citrus, lavender or mint 

🌱Chocolate chip-less cookies

🌱Protein balls - peanut butter cup (w/ peanut butter and chocolate chips), mulberry pie w/ dried mulberries or tropical w/ sunflower or cashew butter and shredded coconut 

🌱Seasonal fruit boards* loaded with seasonal fresh fruits, dried fruits, chocolates, nut butters & dips 

🌱Charcuterie boards* w/ dried fruit, crackers/toasts, pickled veggies, seasonal raw veggies, dried fruit, jams, cheeses, nuts, chocolate, fresh seasonal herbs & seasonal fresh fruit

🌱Sweet & savory stuffed dates, topped with herbs/spices & nuts or seeds 

🌱Banana bread loaf 

🌱Herbed corn tortillas 

🌱Sweet potato bars

🌱Sweet potato brownies

🌱Pumpkin pie

🌱More menu items coming soon 

*Beautiful reusable bamboo display board included w/ all board orders. All other orders come in disposable, biodegradable to go containers.


- ALL items are vegan & gluten free 

- All sweet treat options come in dozen & half dozens.

- No last minute orders please. Orders must be placed AT LEAST 1 week in advance.


World Worth Wandering Group Trips

Domestic & International Options available

This is one of my most popular services available. Thoughtfully curated trips to INCREDIBLE destinations; for everyday people who dream of a wildly adventurous life and crave more out the human experience. Designed for people who seek to dive deeper into their destination and have a true travel experience, versus just “go on a trip“. Designed for people like YOU. Each of my experiences (trips) is curated based upon what would make it the most authentic experience for that particular location. With a wide variety of options and time frames. There is an experience that was created just for YOU!

Come just as you are and leave changed, refreshed, renewed, alive, grateful, overflowing, present, satisfied, ignited, fulfilled, happy, and at peace.

Don’t wait for “a special occasion” to book the trip. Being alive IS the special occasion! Don’t end up looking back at your life one day, wishing you had "been a yes", and experienced more out of this gift of life we have been given. We were not born to pay bills and then die!

Let me take you to unique and MIND BLOWING destinations that will change your life!

YOUR true nature awaits!!!

Head over to www.worldworthwandering.com for more information.

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