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Holistic Wellness Coaching

Virtually Via Zoom

What is holistic health?

Holistic health looks at the WHOLE person, who is made of many interdependent parts - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, environmental, etc. - and uses ALL factors when aiming to help improve a persons quality of life and help them reach optimal health and well-being.

Who can benefit from this type of coaching?

EVERYONE! A holistic health facilitator will look outside the box and at YOU as an individual person before cultivating a plan to help you reach your health and wellness goals. We are multidimensional beings and there is NO WAY a “one size fits all” approach can work for everyone. I take into account YOUR life, barriers, etc. and work WITH you to create a realistic plan that will help you reach your goals.

What is included in this coaching program?

1. A thorough consultation (via zoom or telephone).

2. An all encompassing monthly plan emailed straight to your inbox.

3. Weekly checkins via zoom or telephone (4 per month).

4. Weekly one on one session of your choice - workout, yoga, guided meditation, nature therapy, and more (4 per month

5. An Ayurvedic self care kit mailed to your home. I'm basically helping you turn back the clock with this kit.

6. Discounts on other services such as virtual/park group yoga classes, virtual personal training sessions, group Forest therapy walks, ice bath therapy, nutrition consultations, etc. When you feel like you’re ready for more.

Ready to transform your life? Head over to "book service" to get started!

Intro to Shinrin Yoku (One on One)

Outdoors In Nature

Shinrin meaning "forest" and Yoku meaning "bath" in Japanese is a Japanese practice known (scientifically) to reduce stress levels, help us think more clearly, restore vitality and bridge the gap between us and the natural world. 

We will allow nature enter through our ears, eyes, nose, mouth (when possible), hands and feet.

Studies also show that people who spend regular, mindful time, unplugged in forests have lower heart rates, lower cortisol levels (stress hormone), lower blood pressure and higher parasympathetic nerve activity. Overall improving our physical and mental quality of life.

Please keep in mind, like all other therapies, Nature therapy is not a "one session, fix all" approach. Nature therapy also takes time for each person to process and understand BUT I can tell you from personal experience that you can certainly get a glimpse of its life enhancing benefits after the very first session!

This 1 on 1 option is ideal for those who want the freedom to schedule their walks according to their availability.

Intro to Shinrin Yoku (Small Group)

Outdoors in Nature - Next Group Walk is April 3rd @ 11am in Merced, CA

Group Shinrin Yoku sessions offer all of the benefits of a private session but in a small group setting. A more budget friendly option for those wanting to heal through nature but working with a budget.
We will car pool when possible to offset our carbon footprint and spend some time at the start and end of each session in group discussion.
The next Group Session date is Saturday April 3rd in Merced, CA.

Holy Listening

Via Zoom in an Outdoor Space at Your Disposal - No Charge (FREE)

Do you know the importance of making time and space in our lives for prayer and solitude? It’s easier said than done in a world that not only accepts but values;
1) Being busy - it disguises business as being “productive”,
2) Not slowing down or resting - which is perceived as laziness,
3) Not feeling - which is viewed as “weakness” or “too emotional”
4) Not listening - well, because most of us are constantly surrounded by noise.
Let’s go against the grain and follow Jesus’ example in Matthew 14 instead! “After He had dismissed the crowds, He went up the mountain to pray.” Matthew 14:23.
Jesus Himself saw the importance of spending time alone outside, praying. Since we are called to be like Him, let’s decide right now to dedicate this time to cultivating our relationship with our savior and opening ourselves up to living the life we were created for! I’ve learned from experience that God speaks the loudest in silence.
Join me every Saturday morning for a time of Holy Listening! Dedicating this time to breathing, praying, listening and reflecting; in turn allowing God to speak truth into our lives, grow us, heal us and equip us!
Though I will be there guiding us through prayer and meditation, this is not a "group event", this is a time for YOU to meet with our savior. I am merely the facilitator of time.
So find a quiet outdoors space and show up for yourself, for God, for your family, for the kindgom! I will be streaming live from my backyard deck most days. No extra "stuff" needed, bring only yourself but feel free to roll out a mat to move around on in case you feel discomfort remaining in a single position for an extended period of time. I will be recommending a few therapeutic postures before we start that you are welcome to get into., A journal might also be useful, I like to write down what I feel God is saying so I can refer to it later. 
Let's all be a yes! Remember, you're not coming for me AT ALL; you're showing up to meet with Jesus! Like I said, I am just the facilitator of time.

Restorative Yin - Weekly (small group via Zoom)

Small Group Via Zoom

Yin & Restorative Yoga are both quiet and simple practices, Yin however, is not necessarily "easy". Yin yoga works deep into our body. It targets our deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body — rather than the muscles. Restorative, though similar in many ways to Yin, differs in that it is a more soothing practice designed to relax and restore. To be healthy, we need healthy organs as well as healthy muscles. I will offer up different poses throughout practice and you will decide if you want to be gentle (restorative) or prefer to go deeper and find your edge (Yin). Poses will be long held, sometimes up to 10 minutes. 

Props are required for this practice. At least, 1 yoga mat, 1 blanket, 1 bolster, 1 strap, 1 sand bag & 1 eye pillow.

Weekly Bible Study
"Living for What Really Matters"

Wednesday's at 6:15pm - No Charge (FREE)

Living for What Really Matters - 7 Weeks in the Book of Philippians

By Teresa Swanstrom Anderson

Begins Wednesday May 5th

This will take place in my backyard on my outdoor deck space. Childcare is not provided BUT children are welcome to come and can play in my enclosed backyard - within our line of vision - while we worship, study, chat and pray.

I will provide light snacks and refreshments for us to enjoy. :) 

Cardio, Core & Calm

Weekly Group Class Via Zoom - Starts in April

You will SWEAT out toxins, show you heart some love by getting your HEART RATE UP, and build core STRENGTH while you develop your abdominal muscles (ABS!!!) to help PROTECT & SUPPORT your back. Then wrap it all up with some SOOTHING stretching & CALMING breath work.

This class is designed to fit in A LOT, in a short amount of time. 

Join me from the comfort of your own home, on Thursday mornings at 6:30am for this sweaty, 40 minute workout and be done just in time to get ready for work at 7:10am! 

Come as you are! I guarantee I will show up a hot mess express every single time! Hair up, makeup less and real as real can be. There is honestly no need to “get ready” for this sweaty workout.💪🏼🫀🫁

First class is April 4th & the first 3 people to sign up for the month will get a free gift! 

Ice Bath Therapy

Outdoors in Merced - 1 on 1 & Group Sessions Available

This isn't just a regular ice bath! We will start with focused, intentional breath work and meditation, followed by an intense 15 minute H.I.I.T. workout, then hit the ice!

Ice baths reduce inflammation and improve recovery by changing the way blood and other fluids flow through your body. When you sit in cold water, your blood vessels constrict; when you get out, they dilate. This process helps flush away metabolic waste, ease sore & aching muscles, treat anxiety & depression, improve circulation and tone skin. It allows the controlled elicitation of the body’s natural cell repairing, pain & and metabolic processes. 

So if you are ready for:

Reduced stress levels

Increased energy

A stronger immune system

Better sleep

Heightened focus & determination

Less inflammation in your body

Improved sports performance

Increased willpower

Greater cold tolerance

Faster recovery

Enhanced creativity

Then this service is for you!

Keep in mind, ice bath therapy isn't "a one time, fix all" solution. Like all therapy, it takes time, effort and dedication to reap its benefits but it IS undeniably, scientifically proven to be beneficial! 

Small group option/pricing available. Email me for more info. hilda@theholistichilda.com

Slow Flow

Weekly, in Person (Outdoors)

Slow Flow is a creative, therapeutic flow designed to bring balance to the body and the mind through flowing, holding and breathing though poses, allowing for the exploration of what each pose has to offer to you in that moment. When we slow down, we relax the nervous system, allow for focused breathing, and become stronger mentally and physically.
Time - 9am * Weekday - TBA

Dearest Escapes

Merced, Outdoors - Participants will be given address

Community; a sense of belonging.

Serenity; the state of being calm, peaceful & untroubled.

Love; to love and be loved.

These are things we are all craving at our core.

I have poured so much love and sweat(literally) into creating a private outdoor space to share with the community and would now love to open up my heart and my home to serve you and those you love. To help you nurture the relationships that mean the most to you, including the one with yourself.

Experience serenity, without having to leave your home town!

I will host you on a beautiful outdoor deck, right here in town (Merced) and organize a time of connection, relaxation, community, enjoyment, ease and peace. Bring your spouse, your closest fiends, your child, or just yourself.

So many AMAZING options & YOU are the curator of your own experience. 

You can:

* Just using the space as your picturesque hang out spot for a date night, girls night, or maybe parent/child bonding time

Or Add something more to your time, such as:

* A Restorative or Yin practice, intended to soothing your from the inside out

* Shinrin Yoku (Forest Therapy). Proven to help assist in treating mental health issues in a natural way.

* An ice bath therapy session

* A meditation practice which can go any direction you choose. Keep it lighthearted or we can dig deep.

* An essential oil class or essential oil mixing party. Learn all the basics of this natural healing modality and leave with some goodies to use at home!

* An Ayurvedic self care pampering session. Learn useful self massage techniques, how to properly dry scrub, tongue scrap and use certain essential oils. Leave with everything you need to continue these practices at home

* A massage (Swedish, deep tissue, other options also available). Massages administered by certified massage therapists and available for a single person, couples, friends "couples", mother/daughet, etc.

* A plant based nutrition class. Curious about going vegan? This class is a perfect addition for you! Vegan snacks included.

* Live music

I can also provide you with a beautiful picnic! 

Choose between: 

* Tasty homemade beverages (teas, herbal infusions, adaptogens, cacao and more) 

* Delicious charcuterie board, which will be curated to your dietary request (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, options available)

* Nutritious & colorful smoothies bowls

* Hearty bowls with fresh, organic ingredients straight from my garden! Truly garden to table.

* S’mores over the fire pit

* Toast Plate - A variety sweet & savory options such as avocado, berry, etc.(gluten free options available)

* A vegan dessert platter

* The culinary options are limitless!

Schedule your staycation today and leave feeling grounded, connected and refreshed! This will be a special experience that will create memories for years to come.

Over(Flow) - Ongoing Group Class

Virtually Via Zoom Every Wednesday

A spirit and body based practice that invites us to spend quiet time with our Savior through meditation on scripture, thought provoking questions, worship music and prayer - all while stretching and moving tired and tight muscles in a slow and gentle way. You are sure to leave relaxed and revitalized. 

Break from May 5th to June 16th for Bible study during this time slot.

Private Restorative or Restorative Flow Class

Via Zoom or in Merced on my Private Outdoor Deck

This practice is all about slowing down and opening your body gently through passive stretching.

We will breathe (pranayama) & learn how to slow down.  Allowing us to be more present in our daily lives. Poses will be held for anywhere between 2 to 7 minutes, so expect to be still to allow, time to learn how to listen to the whispers of your body. 

This Practice will be done via zoom, with some exceptions to be made for long time clients.

Essential Oils 101 Class (Private Small Group)

Via Zoom or Or Outdoors in Merced.

Have you wondered about the benefits of essential oils but have no idea where to start? Or maybe you want to learn how to make blends, scrubs, skin care, etc?

I am here to guide you through our wonderful world of PLANTS!

I will share about oils for sleep, anxiety, focus, weight-loss, and more. As well as possible contraindications; which oils to avoid in the sun, on children, on pets and more. 

It's time to give our liver and kidneys a break and truly heal our bodies naturally.

Price on "Book Service" page is per person & comes with essential oils to take home.

Intro to Plant Based Nutrition Consultation

Via Zoom

Have you been curious about the benefits of becoming Vegan but don't know where to start? Or maybe you already made the switch but are not sure that you are getting enough nutrients with your current eating habits?
As a 23 year vegan (with a short stint as a vegetarian), I have navigated ALL of these tricky roads, making mistakes and savoring victories along the way. All with the help of my medical doctor, tracking my labs along the way.
Of course there is no "one size fits all" program for everyone, so my goal is to give you the knowledge you will need to make informed decisions and learn how to listen to your bodies physical and emotional cues to figure out what you need to consume to thrive in a plant based lifestyle.
I will share the top nutrient deficiencies in humans(including vegans), superfoods to boost immune system and ways to ensure you are consuming enough protein. 
Let me open your mind to a whole new way of THRIVING not just surviving!

Intro to Ayurveda Consultation

Via Zoom

“Discover Ayurveda” Consultation 
1. Discover your dosha based upon a comprehensive Ayurveda test, administered by me at our consultation.
2. Receive a pdf list of foods that are ideal (and not ideal) for your dosha. Plus information and instructions in pdf format of information which was gone over during the consultation. All readily accessible from any smartphone or computer. 
3. Learn about Ayurvedic self care techniques and why they are beneficial.
4. Find out the Ayurvedic way to schedule your day.
Your whole consultation will be done live via zoom. Please allow 45-60 minutes for this call. What to bring to your consultation: A notepad and an open mind!
I will cover only the physical aspects of Ayurveda, not ANY of the spiritual components.

Food Intolerance Consultation & Testing

Virtually Via Zoom

Every BODY is different, therefore some foods that may be beneficial to one person, may not always react well in another persons body, causing an immune reaction resulting in inflammation and other negative symptoms such as weight gain, chronic fatigue, migraines, aches, bloating, joint pain, IBS and skin problems. 
This is why it is important to identify which foods you are sensitive to and limit or remove them from your diet.
This consultation includes the IGG lab testing needed to to find out which foods - from a list of 200 - don't suit your body well. 
Schedule your consultation today to start your journey towards healing and thriving!

World Worth Wandering Retreats

Domestic & International Options available

This is one of my most popular services available. Carefully curated trips to INCREDIBLE destinations; for everyday people who dream of a wildly adventurous life and crave more out the human experience. Designed for people who seek to dive deeper into their destination and have a true travel experience, versus just “go on a trip“. Designed for people like YOU. Each of my experiences (trips) is curated based upon what would make it the most authentic experience for that particular location. With a wide variety of options and time frames. There is an experience that was created just for YOU!
Come just as you are and leave changed, refreshed, renewed, alive, grateful, overflowing, present, satisfied, ignited, fulfilled, happy, and at peace.
Don’t wait for “the perfect time” to travel. It will never come. Don’t end up looking back at your life one day, wishing you had taken the trip, done the deep work on your inner self and experienced more out of this gift of life we have been given. We were not born to pay bills and then die!
Let me take you to unique and MIND BLOWING destinations that even the most seasoned traveler will be in awe of.
YOUR true nature awaits!!!
Head over to www.worldworthwandering.com for more information.

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